Monday, December 27, 2010

Review For CSN Stores

When I was given the opportunity to talk about this particular website I have to tell I was so excited. If there was anything you needed for your new home, or your childs room if your looking for something that just screams "Unique" then CSN Stores is the perfect place to find it. They sell everything from pillows, mirrors, and Modern Decor. One of my favorite things about this site is the fabulous quotes they sell for your house. They are like stickers for your walls with little saying's such as "Dance like no one is watching" and my absolute favorite "I love you to the moon and back".

If your looking for a sweet change something that vibrant, something that you can say "Wow that is so me" then you definitely should check out this website Im sure you will love it just as much as I do. I am hoping to do a more personalized review so you can see for yourself how wonderful this company is.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays & Update

Here we are again, In the month of December getting ready to partake in family functions and engage in new memories to bring into the new year. This entry isnt going to be to long but I did want to take a moment and thank all of my readers who show there love and support to me on a regular basis. Writing is my love and there is nothing else in this world that would ever compete with the sharing of words written. I wish all of my readers a very Happy Holidays and may your dreams come true for the new year.

This upcoming year there are going to be alot of changes, I will be doing more makeup looks, reviewing clothing stores and makeup lines and maybe even a book here and there. I will be talking more on the power of love and friendship and what the most important qualities one should have to be the ultimate friend.

I will end this entry here but before I bid adue once again, I want to leave you with this: No matter what you have gone through in the past, that doesnt define you...What you make of your future and how you treat others will be the definition of your character for all to see.

With Much Love & Best Wishes For 2011


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to the CBT's Closet experience...

I was presented with the opportunity to do a review for Cbt' a few weeks ago and I was so excited to do so but ever since I knew about this website I was intrigued my the uniqueness of this company. It reminded me of being a kid and going to a carnival and looking at these tents that would be plaques for you bedroom walls...well Cbt's Closet is somewhat like that only they make wonderful jewelry you can wear on the everyday. They have all kind of different and fun designs to choose from and what is even more exciting is they do custom orders..So if you want your name and Gaga together it can be done, if you want a necklace that says Glee Addict it can be done and if you want a necklace that says Jen Aniston is my homegirl Im sure that can be done as well. The point Im getting at is that this company is incredible at making anything you desire come to life.

When I agreed to do this video I promised to give 100 percent of my honest opinion and I did just that. I have been a fan of Cbt's Closet for sometime now. Cbt's Closet makes all of the pieces by hand and made by acrylic. The wonderful people at Cbt's Closet sent me 2 necklaces one said "Wicked" and the other said my name "Jasmine" now my name is spelled Jasmin with out the "E" at the end but like I said in my video review I will consider myself "Princess Jasmine" whenever I wear it. :) Both of these necklaces are priced at $15.00 on their website. I was also given a beautiful pink glittery ring price as $8.00 on the website

One of the most popular necklaces is the "Barbie" necklace which they have available in different types of fonts. Another popular peice is the Lady Gaga collection in which they have necklaces that say "Lil Monster" or "Gaga Monster" whatever your preference might be Im sure Cbt's Closet has the answer. They also make rings and bracelets as well all in equal beauty. I want to thank Cbt's Closet for allowing me to review there products and I am so very grateful to have been given this opportunity to do so.

Please make sure to check out the video where I review Cbt's Closet and show there wonderful peices I mentioned above. Please check out there website and also there wonderful blog

Check out the video review :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please Show Your Support!

My very good friend dBeautyJunkie is up for blogger of the year and I would like to ask you all for your support. Please go to and vote for dBeautyJunkie and when they ask at the very bottom who should win Blogger of the year please put dBeautyJunkie.

I love dBeautyJunkie blog because not only does she quickly lovable she is honest in her reviews. She goes the extra mile to bring the you the best information about the very best products on the market. Now you can vote more than once and the cool thing is just by you voting you automatically are submitted to win something for yourself..Sounds good huh? lol.

I want to just take this moment to wish my friend Aimee the very best of luck and I will forever show my support to her. I just hope that you can all see the same in her as I do. Thank you for taking time to read this and taking the time to vote. Lets show our support on a day that is all about showing love.

Check out her site if you haven't yet.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Earrings By Malia

Don't you just love waking up in the morning, especially on the weekend and have your mind set on one thing and one thing only? Ladies and Gents, this thing I am referring to is called Shopping. Yes, SHOPPING! We all love to do it and lately when I go shopping some of my favorite things to get is affordable jewelry. Well I have to tell you..What do you do on those days where its nasty and cold out, those days when its raining and you don't want to go anywhere but be home, yet you still need that shopping fix. I have just the site for you. Keep reading....LOL. has everything you could possibly want., LLC sells quality fashion jewelry at very affordable prices. There jewelry are Hypo-Allergenic and animal friendly which is always great, But wait it doesn't stop also sells accessories such as sunglasses and scarfs. As a fan of this wonderful website I have to share with you one of my favorite pieces which is called "The vibe bracelet" this bracelet is suppose to bring clarity and peace into your life..the stones on this bracelet are meant to work with the vibes and auras of your body to bring the up most serenity into your life..I am such a superstitious girl and I love all things like this.

I hope you take the time to check out this site..The owner is such a wonderful woman and has one of the most beautiful personalities that I have encountered in a long time. I promise you next to the excellent prices, the gorgousness of this will have many reasons for the smile on your face, and you can thank EarringsbyMalia for that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out!!

On September 10th 2010 is declared as THE fashion holiday! I stepped out in NYC with my best friend in the whole wide world Rosanna and we enjoyed a night of fashion and complete adventure. After a last minute decision to attend FNO we did exactly what we wanted to do and see exactly who we wanted to see.

The night was a complete success and I loved every minute of it. First stop was Macy's in Herald Square where we first were greeted with champagne and our first encounter of the night was with the beautiful Rebecca Moses, who my best friend took a beautiful picture with as well as received her autograph book, as we were leaving Macy's we saw Patrick Harris from "How I met your mother" and it was so awesome. The outside of Macy's was pumping with the adrenaline of the crowd as the sing with Train who was performing on stage.

Its off to Payless where we stood on line to meet the fabulous Christian Siriano and Patricia Fields. The was my dream meet up. Patricia Fields who is the costume designer to "Sex and the City". I brough her new necklace which was an eye pendant which I love as well as the FNO hand tote. They were so nice and sweet and it was one of the memorable experiences I've ever had in my life.

The final stop was back to Macy's where we found out Kimora Lee Simmons so we walked over to meet her and she was so beautiful in person. This night was incredible and something that I hope I can experiece every year. My BFF and I declared this night to be our Fashion Holiday and something we will continue to do every year.

Fashion Changed My Life!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Patricia Fields For Payless

When I first saw "Sex and the City 2" I was so intrigued with all the diffrent kinds of fashion pieces that I was in complete awe through out the entire movie. One specific piece that caught my eye was a necklace wore by SJP's character "Carrie Bradshaw" which consisted of a huge four leaf clover diamond pendant. This was such a beautiful peice. I think I even maybe dreamed about it a couple of times lol.

Recently, I walked into a Payless Shoe Source and went in with the intentions of getting some new flip flops since the ones I already had were tore up lol..but when I went it I notice the jewelry section which Payless now has and I was amazed by what I saw..more like shocked. Patricia Fields which is a very well known and important designer who has worked with "Sex and the City" since the very beginning has designed an exact replica of the four leaf clover necklace I saw in the movie.

It priced at $14.99 and I brought it on sale for 7.99..What?? Are you serious? I was so happy you don't even know. I felt like I just treated myself with a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's lol. If big statement pieces aren't for you, they do have a smaller version of the same necklace. I think that this is so great of Patricia Fields to collaberate with Payless and do such an amazing job with the making of this necklace..I am completely in love...Thank you Patricia & Payless for allowing me to own such a timeless and sentiment peice..not only am I a fan of "SATC" but I am a fan of four leaf clover luck! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The DramaMamazz Experience

Makeup with an attitude, a hint of fierceness and you can find all this on I have learned about Dramamamazz pigments for some time now. Leticia and her sister Jojo are two amazing sisters who have made Dramamamazz a huge hit on youtube, built from the bottom up these two ladies have worked so hard on making their website a success and quickly achieving more and more customers by the day.

I just recently purchased 5 pigments of the new natural colors collection now being sold on the site. I purchased the following colors:
1. Afrikan Queen
2. Lionest
3. Boogie Nights
4. Serenity
5. Cleopatra

For purchasing 5 pigment Leticia sent me 2 pigment for free which were
1. Heaven
2. Mellow

What I love about DramaMamazz is not only was the ordering process easy but the shipping was so fast. I have been using my new pigments since I recieved them and I have to tell you that the pigmentation of these products are simply fabulous..there is hardly any fall out and you dont need alot of product to achieve a specific look, in other words you get way more then what you pay for.

The prices are great where as 10 grams of any pigment is only $10, 5 grams is $5 and 1 gram is $1, but wait it doesn't stop there ladies on the Dramamamazz website you will also find fabulous jewelry such as earrings, rings and bracelets.

Dramamamazz also has a youtube channel where you can see new products, reviews and even tutorials in english and in amazing is that? If you subscribe to Dramamamazz youtube channel not only will you get a first hand look and the newest pigments and sales dramamamazz have but you can also be able to enter future contest..The girls are great that way they care alot about their customers as well as their subscribers.

Please take some time and visit and look around, trust me once your there your a Mamazz forever!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Moon Goddess Review

Hey Ladies,

Don't you just love makeup? Bright, light weight eyeshadows that doesn't feel heavy once you put it on? Well there is a cosmetics company called "Moon Goddess Cosmetics" that I have been using recently and not only am I in love with their products but the creativity that is put in by the owner is simply amazing. The owner who's name is Selina was kind enough so send me three samples of my choice to do a review on. I went to her website and fell in love with "Lust" and "Greed" from her deadly sins collection as well as "Paparazzi" from her lady gaga collection. I fell in love instantly with the packaging and the business card which has the most adorable picture of Hello Kitty on it.

On her website not only will you find beautiful pigments but she also sells Jewelry and Hair Accessories. I was so impressed with everything on the website and one of the things I love the most was her choice in naming her collections..For Example:

Her Deadly Sins Collection Cost $30 And Consist Of The Following
1. Envy
2. Sloth
3. Pride
4. Greed
5. Lust
6. Wrath
7. Gluttony

Her Lady Gaga Collection Cost $30 And Consist Of The Following
1. Just Dance
2. Paparazzi
3. Telephone
4. Beautiful Dirty Rich
5. Poker Face
6. Bad Romance
7. Love Game

Selina is a talented and kind hearted woman and I wish her so much success with her company. You can purchase pigment separately or buy them in sets. They are really affordable and quite stunning. I loved her pigments and I know you will too. If your interested in seeing the makeup tutorial using her pigment please check out my youtube channel.

All her information is below so please check her out. :)

Moon Goddess Cosmetics

Moon Goddess Handmade Jewelry & Hair Accessories

Custom Orders Welcome!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspiration From A Gorgeous Heart

There is a time in our lives where we meet people that make us see the whole world in a different way. Somtimes it doesn't even matter how we meet them or why we meet them but we are sure glad we did. I have been on youtube for a few months now, and I have met some amazing confident and strong women along the way. There is a person that stands out to me because she is just the sweetest most warm hearted girls I've met so far. Her name is Fenix Beauty and she is so amazing. I came into doing the whole youtube thing with no experience what so ever and watching her videos and the facts that she takes the time to reach out to her supporters says soo much about her.

Fenix inspires me to do great things she is a master at her craft. The smile she possesses on camera makes you as a viewer confident as well. I think that it is important in the world that we live in today to value any kind of real friendship, I've learned this year who my real friends are and the sad thing about it is that the friends I thought I had and live so close to me were the ones that disappeared into thin air...and the friendships that I find everlasting are with people who live far away.

Please show your support for Fenix if your ever on youtube..and also she is on the verge on being in Elle Magazine so please vote for her video..I know I will...I will post the link here....

I just want to say to Fenix..Thank you so much for being such a great friend and even thought we haven't known eachother for a really long time I feel like I do. I am so proud of you and the steps that you are taking. I wish you all the success in the world and no matter what keep on believing in yourself because at the end of the day...its shows through and can make a difference in someones life the way it did for me!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Me!! No One Else!!

Can some explain something to me? Why is it, when someone lives their life in complete and utter bliss, when someone lives a positive life the other people in the world want you to change? I am so sick and tired of people telling me that I am not being true to myself , that I dont let my true feeling show, that I bottle everything inside and dont show my pain. But honestly, I am so tired of being around the negetive that I have learned to shun it out. I am truly happy with my one is perfect and I know that I'm not but come on! If someone can be strong and not let the weakness of the world drag them down..they shouldn't be critizied for that..they should be admired, appreciated and happy that there is someone that can bring smiles to people's faces. This is what I do, this is how God made me. I am a nice person and though I feel not needing to explain myself, I did feel the right to vent.
I dont know..this is all very annoying. I ended a 20 year long friendship with someone because they were negetive 24/7 and I try to surrpund myself with all good and great things. Why am I being finger-pointed at for being positive? This was something I had on my mind..Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The New Me!

This weekend had really been monumental for me. In all my 29 years of life I have always had long hair. I had a trim here and there but never anything major until now. For the first time ever, I cut my hair short and the response Im getting is so great. I feel like a brand new person. I think this is a change that was a long time coming. I notice how much my confidence went up and they way I am carrying myself with a sense of security. I love the new me.
I feel like everyone woman goes through a faze in life in which they feel they have to upgrade their worth and that is what I feel I did. I am seeing myself in a new light and people are loving that this is going for the better. I know this entry isnt as long as I usually would post but I just wanted to share this moment with you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Adventure's

Hey Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I last made an entry here but have you ever had that moment where your mind just goes blank and then when you think you have something to express you start thinking that this is not what your readers signed up for. I know these are our thoughts and we are here to just say what's on our minds but I really want to give you my 100%.

I am starting on a new venture soon, I have been so amazed at how many young girls and woman can express themselves through videos on youtube that I have considered on doing the same. I will be buying a webcam soon and I will begin on a journey of I cant believe I am going to do this, seeing as that I am the shyest person I know but I think this will be a great experience for me.

My videos will consist of make-up tutorials as well as hair tutorials. My main focus is basic girl talk, I have a 2 year old daughter and I have alot of friends that come to me for advice and seeing as that I dont believe in negetivity and only focus on the positive I think I can be of effect to young girls and woman who would need any kind of advice. Fashion, Love, or anything they want to ask me. I know that there are GREAT gurus out there and I dont want to disrespect anyone because they have been my teachers but I want to focus on affordable makeup and things like that cuz really we live in a world where everything cost a pretty penny.

This entry was just to inform you guys on what my next steps are. I have been in good spirits and in an all around good mood lately so with that said I want to thank you subbz who continue to show me your support and I hope you continue to follow me as I start a brand new page in the life of mines. I dont know how corney im going to be but I bet its going to be loads of fun.