Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The DramaMamazz Experience

Makeup with an attitude, a hint of fierceness and you can find all this on DramaMamazz.com. I have learned about Dramamamazz pigments for some time now. Leticia and her sister Jojo are two amazing sisters who have made Dramamamazz a huge hit on youtube, built from the bottom up these two ladies have worked so hard on making their website a success and quickly achieving more and more customers by the day.

I just recently purchased 5 pigments of the new natural colors collection now being sold on the site. I purchased the following colors:
1. Afrikan Queen
2. Lionest
3. Boogie Nights
4. Serenity
5. Cleopatra

For purchasing 5 pigment Leticia sent me 2 pigment for free which were
1. Heaven
2. Mellow

What I love about DramaMamazz is not only was the ordering process easy but the shipping was so fast. I have been using my new pigments since I recieved them and I have to tell you that the pigmentation of these products are simply fabulous..there is hardly any fall out and you dont need alot of product to achieve a specific look, in other words you get way more then what you pay for.

The prices are great where as 10 grams of any pigment is only $10, 5 grams is $5 and 1 gram is $1, but wait it doesn't stop there ladies on the Dramamamazz website you will also find fabulous jewelry such as earrings, rings and bracelets.

Dramamamazz also has a youtube channel where you can see new products, reviews and even tutorials in english and in spanish..how amazing is that? If you subscribe to Dramamamazz youtube channel not only will you get a first hand look and the newest pigments and sales dramamamazz have but you can also be able to enter future contest..The girls are great that way they care alot about their customers as well as their subscribers.

Please take some time and visit www.dramamamazz.com and look around, trust me once your there your a Mamazz forever!



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