Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hey Everyone,
About a week ago I was spending some time with a friend of mines who introduced me to an amazing brand. My hands were feeling a little dry so she gave me some of her hand cream which OMG let me tell you right off the bat the smell was "Ahhhhmazing". It was such a unique smell kind of made me feel like I was somewhere exotic. As the day went by I noticed my hands were softer and looked so hydrated and what I mean by hydrated my cuticle beds did not looked cracked or dry ( We all know what Im talking about right?). 

Let me share with you a little about "Pangea Organics"
Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Pangea was founded on the belief that together, they can create a new, more sustainable future. They have chosen to do so one bottle, bar, and jar at a time. Pangea Organics is a community of like-minded folks who believe in creating products that help, rather than hurt, at every stage of the life cycle.
Pangea Organics believe that taking great care of your skin means understanding what you put on it. Especially since most of what goes on 
your body makes its way into your body. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Herbs transform the earth's nutrients into a form that our bodies can utilize. They then utilize these whole, living plant essences in the products so you can benefit from their vitamins, minerals, and essential oils in the purest way possible.

Not only does Pangea Organics provide hand creams they also provide skin care, body care and lip care products you can choose to purchase.

Now let me give you the 411 on the hand cream:

Pangea Organics Chilean Rosehip With Tamanu & Red Clover Hand Cream restores and softens dry skin while helping hands retain a youthful appearance.


Red Clover
Gluten-Free & Vegan

This cream is only $12 which is an amazing price such an awesome product!

If you are interested in purchasing this cream here is the link to a wonderful young lady who sells Pangea Organics please click here

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor given free products in exchange for this blog post. This is my 100% honest opinion after trying out this cream for the first time through my friend. I wanted to share this amazing company with my readers.