Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Patricia Fields For Payless

When I first saw "Sex and the City 2" I was so intrigued with all the diffrent kinds of fashion pieces that I was in complete awe through out the entire movie. One specific piece that caught my eye was a necklace wore by SJP's character "Carrie Bradshaw" which consisted of a huge four leaf clover diamond pendant. This was such a beautiful peice. I think I even maybe dreamed about it a couple of times lol.

Recently, I walked into a Payless Shoe Source and went in with the intentions of getting some new flip flops since the ones I already had were tore up lol..but when I went it I notice the jewelry section which Payless now has and I was amazed by what I saw..more like shocked. Patricia Fields which is a very well known and important designer who has worked with "Sex and the City" since the very beginning has designed an exact replica of the four leaf clover necklace I saw in the movie.

It priced at $14.99 and I brought it on sale for 7.99..What?? Are you serious? I was so happy you don't even know. I felt like I just treated myself with a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's lol. If big statement pieces aren't for you, they do have a smaller version of the same necklace. I think that this is so great of Patricia Fields to collaberate with Payless and do such an amazing job with the making of this necklace..I am completely in love...Thank you Patricia & Payless for allowing me to own such a timeless and sentiment peice..not only am I a fan of "SATC" but I am a fan of four leaf clover luck! :)