Friday, March 25, 2011

Make It Happen

Ever wake up in the morning and open your eyes and think “What the heck am I doing with my life?” I can’t even explain to you how many times that has happened to me. I have this vision as a young child that I was going to be at a certain place at a certain time. We all have to make our mark in this world in some way or another but we are rarely given the opportunity to prove that point.

Recently I started thinking just because I have my regular 9-5 that doesn’t mean that defines me and my personality does it? If I am a working woman by day where this is the job I do to make a living and pay my bills to support my family does that mean this is the definition of “Jasmin Ortiz?” I decided to take the steps I needed to make in order to make a name for myself, to prove to myself and no one else that I am capable of achieving my wants in any way I can. Although I know schooling is a big factor it isn’t the only means of success, you can be self taught and read as many books in the subject of your choice and become a expert in that way, create opportunities where you can be more hands on and learn that way.

I will be honest with you I didn’t always love makeup; my first love has always been and forever will be fashion. I learned to fall in love with the cousin of fashion just about a little over a year ago. I never wore makeup the way I do now and I feel as it helped me become this more confident person. I was embraced by all the makeup love at that point lol.

This entry is being written to you in hopes of getting to know me a little bit better as well as helping others who doubt their talents. I know many of you have some kind of dream, some kind of wish that you would love to make happen and I am here to tell you that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES. Keep fighting for what you believe in, if you love fashion then collect magazines learn what is hot for this upcoming season, help your friends with their wardrobe, make them over and take pictures. If makeup is your passions then have makeup get together, do your friends and families makeup for a night out or an early brunch and take pictures, you can learn in so many different ways. I have so many passions in my life and I have to tell you that I try my best to combine them all. If this world was full of people with passion rather than people settling just to make ends meet, No one is going to be happy and there will be no positivity in this world. Take what defines you and OWN it! Do whatever it is you have to do big or small and just try. You or no one is this world can say you didn’t and the best feeling in the universe is proving doubters wrong. Good Luck in all your endeavors. Make yourselves proud!!