Tuesday, May 24, 2011

JavaBoi Industries

I want to start off my dedicating this entry to the person who inspired me to write about it. Mr. Eric Anthony Johnson. If you want to know the definition of a walking inspiration, success in human form, and the aura of positivity then I recommend that you continue to read on.

Eric Anthony Johnson is the CEO of JavaBoi Industries, this is a company that offers the most adorable yet fierce t-shirts for the ultimate coffee lover (like myself) in all types of colors and creative phrases such as “Im Java Whipped”, “Tea is coffee’s gay cousin” and “In Java we trust”. Eric has come such a long way to promote and advertise his business in the best way he knows how and of course I was hooked right away. I remember the first time I ever heard of JavaBoi Industries, I was watching a fellow youtuber Ms. BentlyBlonde and she was doing a review of a couple of his shirts and I just fell in love instantly, I said to myself “Get out of here how cute is that?” and I just had to get more information on this company. I later found Eric on Facebook and requested him, there he would post the most inspirational statuses and would hold giveaways on the occasion to his loyal fans. One day Eric held a giveaway on one of his shirts to whomever can answer one of his questions and of course I answered correctly and won a Javaboi T-shirt which I immediately fell in love with, This is where my addiction to caffeine got stronger lol.

Once you order a T-shirt from Javaboi Industries the representation is just flawless, the shirt comes inside a coffee bag (No coffee inside of course) but the creativity of the packaging is simply memorable. Eric is in the process of making shirts for kids as well which is very exciting since I am dying to get one for my daughter.

I really look up to Eric because this is visual proof of someone making their dreams become a reality. I am so proud of the steps he has taken, and so in awe of his professionalism and his positive outlook on life he is just a walking inspiration to me and many others.

I wish Eric all the success he deserves, all the magic a person can with hold, all the light and positivity in his heart to make JavaBoi Industries a 100 store chain in the world. I know he can do it. If you are interested on purchasing one of his T-shirts please check out his site www.javaboiindustries.com Wish you all the best Eric on all your endeavors 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Interview With DBeautyJunkie

Jmoon-1. When did you know that being involved in the beauty industry was something you wanted to do?
DBeautyJ-Actually I used to be the biggest tomboy I preferred my timberland boots and baggy jeans to a dress any day. I only made an effort during special occasions and holidays. It was about five years ago that I officially started the girly transformation to full time status. It was mainly due to an intervention by a friend of mine. She marched me into Sephora and told me honestly I'm worth it. So I kept it going.
Jmoon I think every young girl had a tomboy phase one time or another so I can totally relate to that feeling.

Jmoon-2. What gives you inspiration on a daily basis when regarding your blog entries?
DbeautyJ-People don't understand how much effort it takes us to be beauty bloggers having to write everyday and be clever is difficult sometimes. However my writing is an escape when I'm having a difficult day at work I'll hide in the bathroom put on some makeup and start writing. It's a tension stress reliever.
Jmoon LOL! I can totally picture you hiding in your office playing with makeup :D

Jmoon-3. Since having your blog have you noticed great things happen or did it stay pretty much the same?
DBeautyJ-Actually everything stayed the same for awhile it took about a year when some amazing things started happening. Suddenly I was popular and people were asking my advice. Later I would be invited to brand parties and I'd even meet creators and famous MUA's. It has been a tremendous ride and I'm so very blessed to be on it.

Jmoon-4. What are you hobbies? What do you do to wisk your mind away from the chaotic world?
DBeautyJ-Hmmm I don't really have hobbies, i'm a bit of a tech junkie so I guess my hobby would be playing with the newest toys out.

Jmoon-5. What are your favorite makeup brands?
DBeautyJ-it's so hard to pick, but I adore Make Up For Ever I use their products on a daily basis. Being a makeup junkie my favorite will depend on what I'm wearing that day.

Jmoon-6. What would your advice be for young girls wanting to be just like you?
DBeautyJ-My advice don't be like me LOL...I'm trouble. My only real advice to anyone is to be yourself, and get comfortable in your skin. It took me a long time to feel beautiful and young girls need to realize they are gorgeous they way they were made. Enjoy your youth!
Jmoon- I couldn't agree with you more.

Jmoon-7. Have you met any interested people along the way?
DBeautyJ-You always meet interesting people when you keep yourself open. Out of everyone I have met I will admit Ms. Moon is one of my favorites, in this business it's so rare to find genuine people and you my dear are beautiful.
Jmoon- That is so nice of you to say and it really touches my heart. You are a great person as well and I am so blessed to call you my friend.

Jmoon-8. What is your number one main goal? What would you like to see come out from doing your blog?
DBeautyJ-My main goal with this blog is self expression, I want to always be true to myself so my readers will enjoy the content. In the future I would love for this blog to support me, so I can stay home and play with makeup full time.
Jmoon- Wouldn't that be the ultimate dream job, I really do hope that happens for you, I think you are an amazing writer.

Jmoon-9. If you can pick just 3 makeup products to take on a deserted island what would they be?
DBeautyJ-To get me on a deserted island would be a major challenge but if you knock me out you'd probably find in my pocket Korres Cherry Lip Gloss, Shea Cashmere hand cream from Bath and Body MUFE eyeliner (color dependent on outfit at time of kidnapping)

Jmoon-10. What would your advice be to a young girl who wants to start a blog of her own?
DBeautyJ-My advice to anyone that wants to start a blog is stolen from Nike...JUST DO IT. Believe in yourself you'll never know where it will take you.

Jmoon- Thank you so much for taking the time out and doing this interview. I know many ladies who would love to know what is behind the blog. Its a great way of learning how genuine and special that person is, and you my dear are an absolute jewel.