Friday, August 14, 2009

Love Of My Life

I recently came across an old diary entry about one of the most important people in my life. This entry was written in 2003. It amazes me so, just how young my mind was at the time. Though I still feel the same as did back then at this present time, I thought it would be sort of an eye opening thing to do to post it up. Now mind you, I am heavily into the whole English accent thing and the words may sound a bit English lol..but just bare with

Leaders of our own path for which people, our fans wish to follow. No matter the problem we always knew what to do. I shelter thee to be happy and warm while he shelters me with protection and loyalty. For yes, In this world we reside in I may be a pauper but for a dream well lived such as this one, I am royalty with decendants. While my one true love is off fighting for the freedom of his people and we have bestowed up him the courage and fight to gain all trust! You see, Real life is not but a short introduction away. What a fine line between surrelism and reality, its like you can almost see it. Expression is one of the most many achievments, I cant reveal to you how many times a day I'd wish upon a star the good thing is I no longer have to wish on that star for my Draco (My Boo LOL) already came true. I do continue to wish for him but no longer for myself, you see Im happy when he is. Im lucky and fortunate to say that Draco taught me everything I know and then some. I notice each day and night that I change and Im never going to be the same again. Thats a beautiful thing patiently waiting for the arrival of my chosen one. Life is a journey, a journey well lived? Yes! I would do it all over again.

For I fear this is not only the beginning to my story but im back to the intro, I relive the happiness all over again. What a life I have lived, what a tale I cant wait to be unfold but all in good time..Patience is the virtue to all great things. In my decision to choose the road Im on. I shall not make a U-turn, I will make not reverse nor will I ever go back to where I came from.

A couple of years ago, I imagined all the best things in my life to happen, would just happen all at once, that all these dreams of mine would soar the wild blue door and open all these possibilities. I believed in the sweetest kind of dream in which you can smile about the bad later! But at this moment of my life..I shall never see a gray sky but the rainbow over looking the most beautiful ocean..Love makes me feel this way..Draco is that reason.