Saturday, September 5, 2009

What I've Been Up To!e

Hey Everyone!

I know that I have been using my blog to basically just write poems or random thoughts that come from here and there, so I figured today I would just let you in on a couple of things I have planned and what I have been getting into these past couple of weeks.

I have been doing alot of research as far as looking for work, my daughter who is going on 20 months is almost ready to start daycare and it will be alot easier to go back to work since she will be taken care of. At times, I just feel like taking whatever is offered since the economy isnt that great these days one shall not be picky..its just a tacky trait. I've been leaning towards retail since its the easiest thing to get but I have been thinking alot about going back to school. I went to college before for fashion design and merchandising but tuition was just too expensive and it didnt work out for me. I have been thinking alot about Massage therapy. I love making people feel beautiful and relaxed. I even thought about opening my own spa one day..if its meant to be it will. has become almost like a best friend to me. I just want to give major props to all the gurus out there that I follow cuz you guys are so talented and have really taught me alot about many things. I never used to wear makeup like that, my mom would even say how pale and sick I look..ok Im hispanic and if I look pale and sick then there is a problem. Anyways, not to sound full of it but I am getting so good at the strokes and using my imagination with it all. I am super excited about it. I love youtube!!

This weekend is Labor Day weekend and I know that there will be alot of BBQ's going on and I just wish everyone a fun and safe weekend. Tomorrow I am leaving to New Jersey to stay a few days with my BFF. I hardley get to see her and when we do its so much fun. I cant wait. I know this entry was pretty much me just rambling but I wanted to just say hello to everyone and thanks for reading my blogs it means so much to me.

Have a great weekend everyone!!