Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please Show Your Support!

My very good friend dBeautyJunkie is up for blogger of the year and I would like to ask you all for your support. Please go to and vote for dBeautyJunkie and when they ask at the very bottom who should win Blogger of the year please put dBeautyJunkie.

I love dBeautyJunkie blog because not only does she quickly lovable she is honest in her reviews. She goes the extra mile to bring the you the best information about the very best products on the market. Now you can vote more than once and the cool thing is just by you voting you automatically are submitted to win something for yourself..Sounds good huh? lol.

I want to just take this moment to wish my friend Aimee the very best of luck and I will forever show my support to her. I just hope that you can all see the same in her as I do. Thank you for taking time to read this and taking the time to vote. Lets show our support on a day that is all about showing love.

Check out her site if you haven't yet.

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