Friday, May 8, 2009


It isn't the place where I grew up, nor the place where I layed my head when I was a child. It isn't the place where I took my first steps, nor is it the place where my first birthday was celebrated. I cant begin to express to you where my home is..I cant see it.

I can not call it a sactuary, nor can I call it a safe place to be. I can not say that I feel protected here and I cant call it my home sweet home..I cant begin to tell you why this is the place I should be calling home.

This isnt a image I am trying to portray or a exageration of my mind. Almost 29 years of never really feeling that warm and loving togetherness one is born into. I appreciate that word so much. How I wish and pray for someday I have a place to call home again.

Its the place where I should feel new and refreshed. It should be the place where all my sorrows can dissapear in a single thought. It the place where I should go for comfort and feel my most safest.

My home? My home..My always feel happy place..(I type that with a smile)..the smell of flowers and rain. A ever welcoming place of serenity..a want of desperatley I seek.
More valuable that money and more priceless than jewels..Home...More than I have ever wanted anything in my whole life.

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