Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Mysterious Smile

Who would have thought that this girl who once wrote of darkness may have finally seen a crack of light. A mere glimspe of a future without all the dissapointment and anguish feelings. My face is suddenly feeling a emotion that it is not quite used to yet it feels nice.

A sudden impact of feeling starts to take over this part of my body in such a way..Can it be true? Am I capable of smiling? Who would have thought that lil' old me has felt enough passion today that the world could actually be a great place to be. That all could be right in the world and that for once its a happiness from within where it is kept so deep inside that no one can ruin it with hate or negetivity.

The mysterious smile that lays across my face..it comes from place I yet cant explain but soon will..All I know that this mysterious smile has made me realize that maybe just maybe life can be all you wish it could be...To Be Continued.......

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