Monday, April 20, 2009

They Said, I Said!

They said I can do anything that the world was at the tips of my hands.

They said I was talented & gifted that I would one day visit many lands.

They said I was smart & intelligent born with a good head on my shoulders.

But they never said I would be thrown onto rocks & be crushed by the boulders.

They once said "Girl, you are going to be famous, you going to make it honey!"

But they should have said you'll be struggling for that job, crying for that money

They said Look in the papers make some moves, make those calls.

How everything changes, No more praises, Go work at the mall.

They said clean the streets, flip them burgers Do something Honey!

I do this, I do that I brought this, It sure feels good to have that money.

They said I was tired, a waste of skin a good fortune turned sour.

This is when I took what they said & converted it into power!!

Now they say we knew you can do it we knew it all along

Screw you, it was I who needed to change, I needed to be strong.

Now I say "Without your help I became ME, When I was at the top you never let me

fall but when I fell you never picked me up. I said When I had nothing you laughed at me while cheering me on like you had all this money as if you were some kind of Don.

They said Where did this anger come from, Why are you so upset?

I said you thought that you knew who I was, but you haven't met the real me yet.

I said I heard it all, the goods & the bads the loves and the hates.

So I say to you as I will save this date.

No More sad songs I don't need your help leave your pity at the gate.

I promise to lift myself out of this gutter & rise to my salvation.I promise you this just you wait.

I said I'm going to make it, Be happy and successful I have said again today!

Now you tell me! What more of your Bullshit do you have to say?

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