Sunday, April 19, 2009

Always Remember This..

I will be the first person to tell you when you have something great in your life always look at it with appreciation and try your hardest to never let it go. I know so many people that have lost there chance to be happy out of fear that they have hit a dead end zone. That once a person has found there happiness there is no going up from there. This is not true out all. This only means that once you have found that certain connection with someone that nothing else is a suprise, everything from there on in is considered a adventure.

There are moments in time where the most special gifts are those not seen but felt. A feeling in which a person can have the inner power to achieve anything in life just cause at the persice moment they were just that happy! I know I must sound like one of those woman who only sees rainbows when theres thunder in the sky...and your right. Whats the point of visioning a world of dissapointment when there are so many things surrounding us that is so pure and innocent that can change even the most angry person's mind. I believe in the quote" If you wish it, It will come". Its so very true.

Though this entry is quite short..I just wanted to get a point across. In life, when you are given a gift of heart, dont ever take it for granted. Cherish the action and always now that its gifts of the heart are the kind of sentiments that you can never get a rain check for, or exchange it for something else. They come only Once In A Lifetime.

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