Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Dedication To Caylee Marie

I feel a strong need to do this post, As a mother of a 3 year old little girl this blog post has to be done. Yesterday was a sad day for million of people all around the world especially for the little life we lost 3 years ago. Little Caylee Marie Anthony received no justice yesterday from the people who were suppose to look out for her, the people who were supposed to give her justice after all the suffering she had to endure. Casey Anthony was found "NOT GUILTY" of 1st degree murder and man slaughter. This woman who gave birth to Caylee (she is no mother for me to grant her the title) took this little girls life into her own hands. She stole the precious life little Caylee could have had in the matter of seconds just so she can party hard with her friends.

I dont understand how 12 people who saw all the evidence, who heard all the testimony, who saw the coldness of emotion from this woman face can determine she is of sound mine and not charge her with the murder of this little girl. It is a complete outrage, an outrage still being felt and heard all around the world. We want Justice for Caylee. I want Justice for Caylee. I am sad and angry that this all happen and that this woman will not pay for what she has done by law. The law failed Caylee, The justice system failed Caylee, The state of Florida failed Caylee. I hope thos 12 jurors, the defense team, Casey Anthony all go through heartache and are haunted by the decisions they made.

I ask those who are reading this post to please keep Little Caylee Marie Anthony in your prayers. On the right side of my blog page there is a petition for Caylee's Law. This is to make sure if a parent doesnt report their child missing in a timely matter they will face consenquences for not doing so. There has to be someone out there to stand up for what happen to Caylee, this little girl did not bury herself and place duct tape on her own face, she did not climb into that trunk on her own she was placed there. This woman who was suppose to love her a million times hard gave up the opportunity to be a mother to this little girl and instead killed her in order to live a "Bella Vita" as she so stupidly tattooed on her body around the time when she had "no idea" where Caylee was.

I have a message to you Casey Anthony, you may have gotten away with murder now but you did not for one second escape your judgement day, because you will be judged, you will reap what you sow. You will be haunted everyday for the rest of your pathetic life because you are a baby killer. No one will ever want to have anything to do with you because you are a poor excuse for a human being, you are a monster. Prepare yourself for your dooms day.

Please join me in paying tribute to little Caylee Marie. Although I never met her, I never saw her in person she is in my heart forever. I will continue to pray for her and pray that justice be served. May you forever Rest In Peace Caylee Marie Anthony we miss and love you always!

Caylee Marie Anthony
Sunrise~2005- Sunset~ 2008

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