Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are you Lip Savvy?

Hey Dolls! Today I have an exciting lip gloss review for you today. A few weeks ago I was sent a brand new lip gloss that had yet to come out on the market yet, I was very excited to try it due to all the great technology involved. First off lets talk about the packaging which is one of my favorite things about this lip gloss, I am one of those girls that carries a lot of things in my purse and can never find anything I'm looking for lol..well this lip gloss come in all kinds of funky designs and colors and while carrying it in my purse it was real easy to spot it out in all the darkness inside of my purse lol.

The technology in "Lip Savvy" lip gloss is super cool, it plumps up your lips without the pain and tingling sensation and it also hydrates your lips and target fine lines and wrinkles with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ and collagen boosting peptides. They also help with the aging process with a patented Complete Free Radical Protection Technology™ which slows down skin damage such as lines, wrinkles, discoloration, collagen breakdown, loss of elasticity, and moisture loss.

Lip Savvy lip gloss comes in 22 shades that compliments every skin tone. If you have a preference when it comes to extreme shimmer or a more low key kind of shine, Lip Savvy lip gloss has what you need, with 2 different kinds of formula used I am sure you will find what your looking for.

I have used this lip gloss in the color "Sho Bunny" everyday since I got it, and what I love about it is that its not does not have a sticky consistency and after about 2 minutes of having the product on my lips felt super moisturized and healthy. I did see a hint of plumping action on my lips after about 10 minutes and the color and shimmer just stood on for hours, which is a very great thing. The only con I have about this product is this is my personal preference and opinion is I don't really like the applicator which is a small brush and as you click the bottom of the lip gloss it produces more product which to me I just find messy. I wish it would have as a wand where as I can determine how much product I want to use.

Over all I love this product and will recommend it to anyone. I will be filming a video review so keep a look out for that.

You can purchase Lip Savy Lip gloss by clicking Here
or by clicking Here

At the estimated retail price of $20.00 you can have the most hydrated, most fabulous lips ever.

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