Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Deal With Annoying People

We all have someone in our life who just take's the best out of I right? Well..I am here to share with you some tips that just might help and instead of you being the one annoyed or wishing them off a cliff lol you can transfer that agitation to the person who gave it to you in the first place lol.

First let's define the annoyance:
1. The Complainer - I for one can not stand a person who is a constant complainer everything in the whole entire world is a problem. The first time you lay eyes on this person they greet you with a complaint, when they leave you they complain, when they eat they complain, when they are happy they complain, and after they are done they have accomplished me to be miserable.

2. The Bragger - This is a person who doesn't call you to say "Hello" or "How are you and the family" this is the person who calls you to tell you what they brought that day, how much money they spent, how they didn't pay discounted price and had to pay full LMAO (I swear there are many people like this) This is the person who would NEVER buy at a discount store only department store brands. This person tries to belittle you and make you feel bad about your way of spending and gets to your feelings.

3. The Perfecter - This is the person that is living the so called "Facebook Life" I call it the "Facebook Life" because for some reason everyone on Facebook is living the fantastic no worries no problems every in my life is perfect life. This is the person when you ask "How is everything?" and you know they are upset about something they tell you "Who me? Omg never better" This kind of person annoys me to the fullest..

4. Misery Loves Company - This is the one you need to guard yourself from , this person is the most dangerous of them all. A person can be going through the toughest of times and never speak a word of it. They will pretend their life is awesome almost like "The Perfecter" but this is the special power they have that "The Perfecter" does not...This kind of person will pretend to be a friend to you and try to give you conversation only to get information from you knowing you are going thru tough times as well..and this is where they get their energy from..MLC takes your tough moments and compares it to their tough moments so they can say to themselves "Well my problems are not as bad as hers" that is all they wanted..Its not about comforting you its about comforting their own stupid souls..I cant deal with people like this.

Now here comes the fun part how can we deal with people like the ones I mentioned above..
1. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE - and what I mean by IGNORE do not start a conversation with this person, make sure if something is going to be said let THEM COME TO YOU!! That is very important! If you decide to answer you do not have to give them a whole discussion you can say things like "Oh hey" and keep it they will hate that. Remember do not give them the importance and they will soon get the hint and feel confused on top of that.

2. Keep your busy - Watch a movie, read a book, write, watch t.v do anything that will zone you out. For example: If this person comes into the room and starts to talk to you, You are not obligated to give them your full attention (Do you get where Im going) You do not have to stop what you are doing, You do not have to acknowledge this person..That will annoy them!!

3. Make Friends - If this is a person who work with or friends with then give someone else conversation when they are around. Do not give this person the opportunity to stand out. Make sure your attention is somewhere else..pretend what they are saying is pointless and keep it moving.

4. Take a long shower - If this person lives with you then blast some music and take a hot shower and a long one especially if they just got home and you know they want some bathroom time lol. (I love doing this) Take all the time you want..make this a relaxing experience for you. Shoot work out in there if you want..If your super annoyed then working out will be perfect get that frustration out with some squats and some side leg raises..(Yes I do this)

This may all sound funny to you but this is how you have to approach situations like this, You can not allow people to get the best of you. I have dealt with many stupid, inconsiderate people in my lifetime and one thing I have learned is you are in charge of your feelings and no one should take you out of your character. When it comes to dealing with annoying people you can do 2 can ignore them or you can repay them with the same are in charge of the way you deal with things just make sure you will be content with the outcome of your decision. I hope you all can take a little something from this post..Lord knows I have a lot of experience when it comes to annoying people lol..Im a Pro and repaying the feeling lol <3 div="">


  1. I completely agree with your categories. I definitely hate #4 - Misery Loves Company. My entire family recently dealt with this type of person and she's the worst ever!

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    1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog :) I will follow you on yours now :)