Saturday, July 14, 2012

This post will not be beauty related but more of a vent & whats on my mind post. So many things have happened lately that to be honest with you I have no idea how to approach my next step. I guess I will start here..On June 11th 2012 I attended the Lia Schorr Institute to obtain my certificate and most important more knowledge in makeup, I learned so many wonderful things and after completing my 50 hours I received my certificate and I could not have been prouder of myself. Little by little I have been experiencing the common feelings towards friendships and people in my life. I am on of those woman who can appreciate a good friend, I am also a woman who IS a very good friend to others and to tell you the truth I am just so fed up with all the DRAMA these people have brought into my life..its just plain shadiness and I am now in a point of my life where somethings are slowly falling into place and I have no need for this negativity to be apart of my life any longer. Have you ever just felt like you didn't care anymore? That maybe its about that time to be selfish and think what is going to be best for you? I have been feeling like that lately. The only thing that really makes me smile is when I am filming a makeup tutorial for my Youtube channel. Now I must admit lately I have been slacking in the uploading dept. but due to connection issues and it has nothing to do with love lost. I promised myself that if I want to be where I want to be I have to make more of an effort in making things happen. I want to film and upload more, I want to take my channel more seriously and give it all of my attention. Youtube has been that something special when I had no hope in the world it was there to teach me and pick me up from where ever my mind was wandering to that day. I owe it to myself to give it all I got. I know I can do it. I just wanted to share this little entry with you and let you know what was on my mind today. When there is something in our lives that bring us joy and can make us smile its important that we treat that something right. I hope that if any of you ever feel the way I feel sometimes you can go to that "Something" and embrace that this is what makes you happy and in reality nothing else so petty should matter. Hope everyone enjoy's their weekend..May it be a fun and safe one. ~Moon Love

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