Friday, May 4, 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix- The DJ Inspired Nail Polish Review

Today was one of those days that you look out the window and all you see is gloominess and rain, all you want to do is drink some hot chocolate and nap all day..Then when I least expected it I was surprised to receive a package from BariBeauty and inside was 4 sets of nail polishes from their new Vinyl Remix Line of Pure Ice. I was so happy cause well lets be honest I was slacking on my manicure today. Not even 10 minutes I have to play with the new polishes..Now ever since the whole crackle trend came out I was so into it but never got around to purchasing them being I heard good and bad stories on them but I must say this was really cool. Not only are you able to able to pick from so many colors you also can mix the colors here and there, you want green and purple? or how about orange and yellow? How about orange, yellow, green and purple? What ever color you want on your nails guess what you can make it happen with the new "Vinyl Remix from Pure Ice" The set comes with 2 polishes a white base coat and a black looking polish but dont be confused by the black..once you place them on your nail they start to transform into a new bright color. The crackle polish is not thick or uncomfortable to put on. It glides like any other brand new stickyness here. I just painted my nails with the purple and yellow polish and I also did my daughters nails which she loved.. Check out @baribeauty on facebook: and on twitter: @bairbeauty Here is the link to a live tutorial I did using Pure Ice Vinyl Remix -The DJ inspired nail polish

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