Monday, September 19, 2011

Dita Von Teese Partners with Kiss Nails

Hey Dolls! I have to tell you when I found out that Dita Von Teese was making her own line of nails with Kiss Nails I was super excited to see what it was going to look like. For review purposes I was sent a set of nails from the Dita Von Teese collection and OMG its exactly what I expected, glamour and tremendous pizzazz.

Through out the years a lot of people used to come up to Dita and strike up a conversation with her regarding her nails and she would just say that she loves tributes to the past with a twist, and these nails are just that - chic, fashionable, and the last word in nostalgic glamour." Dita Von Teese is all about vintage sexy and old school glam and these nails nailed it (no pun intended lol)

They come in a set of 24 nails and glue and a cuticle pusher (if needed) I didn't use the pusher since I am always messing around with my nails here and there. The nails as you can see from the photos above are a bit on the pointy side which is alittle bit out of my comfort zone but still looked amazing..because I have a daughter I did have to file them down a little and they look just as amazing as if I would have left them alone. This set of nails does not come with the small nail file you would normally see in a pack of stick on nails because filing them down with defeat the purpose of the Dita Von Teese look. I however chose to file them down due to convienance.

If your interested in the Dita Von Teese Nails you can find them here


  1. Hey you!

    I love those nails! You wouldn't think that they were press on nails! I haven't tried any unfortunately I can never seem to find any that fit my nails nicely.. I long slim nail beds

  2. Hey Mamaz,
    I am loving these nails. I did not know Dita had a line, eeeeek excited to get some now. Thanx for the info Jaz, GOOD JOB!!!!

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  5. I didn't know she had a nail line..they look so pretty!

    great post

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  6. lovely nails! i love rita von tease!
    we should follow each other!

  7. **** opppps, Dita! (not rita) stupid spell check!

  8. Sure I will follow now! Thanks Girls!!

  9. These look awesome!

    Alice x