Sunday, September 18, 2011

DesignFX Nail Designs By Dashing Diva

Hey Dolls! All my fashionista's and beauty lovers out there know how big of a deal Merecedes Benz Fashion Week is so on September 12th 2011 "Dashing Diva debuted their new DesignFX Nail Designs in Cheetah/Tiger Prints which were an instant hit at Jad Ghandour safari themed show. DesignFX nail designs are stick on prints you can stick onto your nail (without any heat) for a cool nail effect, the awesome thing about these designs is once your ready for a change of color or print you can just peel them off 1, 2, 3 and your done.

Singer Shantelle walked in the show and she just loved the look of her nails. Her nails were painted in a Dashing Diva nail color called Fashion District and then on her pinky and middle fingers the DesignFX nail designs were placed for an awesome look! Dashing Diva has a wonderful website where you can purchase any nail polish, nail art, or any kind of nail essentials you think you would need for the perfect manicure.

I posted some pictures from the Merecedes Benz Fashion Week Jad Ghandour safari themed show so you can see for yourself the brilliant look of these designs. Photos courtesy of Ann Lawlor.

If your are interested in trying out Dashing Diva for yourself and I know you want to Click Here

Are you a Dashing Diva Girl?

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  1. Never heard of Dashing Diva! That's so unique and pretty! I am going to attempt it myself! ♥