Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing Javaboi Industries First Coffee Mug

I know you all have heard me speak about Javaboi Industries and it's amazing CEO Eric Anthony Johnson. For those of you who don't know well I will be more then happy to share his story..Eric Anthony Johnson is first and foremost an amazing father to 3 amazing children, his dream is to make sure his children live the most amazing life possible. Eric has a vision to build a brand that will call out to all kind of people all over the world in every age group you can think of. Javaboi Industries is a company that speaks out to all coffee lovers, with various colors and styles and fun designs it's hard to not fall in love with this company. A few weeks ago, Eric announced the launch of his new "Javaboi Coffee Mug" a limited edition mug for all of us who adore coffee. An exclusive piece of awesomeness you will not find anywhere else. You can pre-order your mug right now by clicking here Come join us and be apart of an amazing company that is all about brewing smiles. Javaboi Industries Facebook Page Click Here Javaboi Industries Twitter Page Click Here

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