Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog Post At 6am

Good Morning Dolls! Well as you can see I am fully awake, I can not fall back to sleep for the love of me. I made one sudden turn in bed and from then on I was wide awake, staring at the ceiling and thinking about things I really wasn't in the mood to think about..Has this ever happen to you?

What kinds of things were I thinking about you ask? Well some personal of course, me just thinking about the kind of life I want to live, how I want to make the BEST of this life God gave me to do right by. I was talking to a good friend of mines Eric Anthony Johnson who is the CEO of http://www.javaboiindustries.com/ and he is always great at giving advice and he made a comment during our conversation if the advice he gave me was too "unsugarcoated or harsh" and I said "Absolutely not, I like my coffee with sugar not my advice" and this is so true because I just want my friends and family to just tell me the truth on what ever thoughts they have of me or for me 100%. Eric is a great mentor and I appreciate his words always..Just wanted to let that me known.

Life may not always be what you plan it to be but isn't that a good thing? The moment of surprise? I feel like people and when I mean people I mean friends and family put so much pressure on us to live by what THEY think is the right way to live that we just constantly feel like a total disappointment. THIS IS NOT OK! I live my life the way I live it because it is my life. If God intended me to have a cheat sheet on life and all I had to do was just mimic what others were doing I mean does this make sense to you? I am just tired of people pin pointing my errors because I dont do things the way they would. I have put a lot of pressure on myself about this to a point where I am like "What am I doing wrong" The Answer: There is no answer you just have to roll with the punches...and expect the unexpected I guess. I know I am trying my hardest and when ever I am feeling down or just completely out of it I know who I can vent to and who not to vent to.

Look...I am not here to please everyone or anyone but I do like to put a smile on a person face is possible without the criticism, with out the judgement, with out these people having the need to base their opinion's by comparing my life to theirs..Im not mad I dont even think I care as much anymore all I know what I am doing and that my daughter loves me for it. I think we; especially us mothers out there get this feeling all the time and just dont know how to express it and I hope I was able to shine some light on the subject and let you know that you are not alone..I think actually I know that our biggest critics were some of the most beaten down victims of the same thing we are going through now..they just forgot the feeling it can make a person feel.

LMAO! I dont even know where all this came from..I guess it needed to be address..Hope you all have an amazing Tuesday morning. I will most likely crash this afternoon once my coffee wears off lol..but from no sleep to smiling now I guess it's all worth it.

~Moon Love

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