Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I was featured on "The Haul" Style Haul

I am so excited and a loss of words right now, you would think I won the lottery or something. I found out tonight that I was featured on "The Haul" On the Style Haul channel on Youtube! Style Haul is a company that features and works with the best in the fashion and beauty community. I feel so honored to have been chosen to be apart of this amazing family.

I have called my friends and family and yelped like an insane person to tell them all about it..lol..Fashion has always been a first love of mines, then Makeup came into the picture and it gave me amazing confidence and a new person to look at when I glance at the mirror. I may not be a official Makeup Artist but that is the dream, to be able to hold a certificate of completion for something I hold so dear to my heart. My daughter Jayla who I adore and love in all this Moon, looks up to me and was excited to see her mom doing makeup as she does every day lol..I would love to be a role model for her.

Thank you Style Haul for this amazing honor..XOX

If you want to check out the video where I was featured you can check it out by clicking here


  1. aw, thats awesome congrats!!!!
    I'm proud of you ;-)

  2. Thank You so much Doll! I am still shocked! But soo happy :)