Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Youtube Channel

Next month on March 17th will embark my one year anniversary on youtube. This was the day I started out on a new venture in my life. This was the day I stepped out of my shyness and started making videos for hundreds to see. I must admit it was very nerve wracking but I couldn't let me nerves get the best of me. Through out this journey I have grown into a more confident person and a must self assured individual.

I have met some wonderful people who I am honored to call my friends. These women and I have a bond, a link, a similar love for makeup and fashion. A way to explore beauty in many many different ways. We can go outside the box and create a sense of comfort using just colors and a smile. You can tell how much we enjoy making videos just cause it shows all over our faces. Many of us are mothers, wives, some of us do youtube to keep us company due to our husbands being in the army. We all have our reasons why we chose to have youtube in our lives. I chose youtube because I wanted to share my love for fashion and makeup and maybe learn a thing or two from others who share the love on their channel and I most definitely did.

Im writing this blog for a few reasons, I wanted to tell the people who follow my blog "Thank You" for your continue support. I know that I dont post as much as I should but that is why I am here tonight..To give you a promise, A promise that I will post most often. Makeup, Fashion, Friendships, Work, Anything that comes to mind. I am here to give a opinion. I would love to hear more about your thoughts on what I write as well or even what you might like to see. I am trying out a few things that I want to do a review on, I want to take my time and give the products my full attention so that I may give you a honest and thorough review.

Again, Thank you so much for all the love and stay tuned because I promise great things ahead. :) XOXOX



  1. I love your vids & your blog!! ` xoxo Nickey

  2. You do everything with excellence Jaz! You're a blessing to us all! XO

  3. Thanks Teka! That really means alot to me :) XOXO

  4. i like your vids even tho i dont comment (i am slaker lol i do watch . your a very sweet person.